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Soft Wax by The Real Milk Paint Co. offers a versatile way to protect and preserve furnishings. Paste waxes by The Real Milk Paint Co. come in a range of formulations and colors, from clear formulations made with all-natural ingredients to tinted options that help fill in scuffs and abrasions. When the paste wax dries to a hazy finish ( 20 to 30 minutes ), grab a clean cloth and begin buffing it off the surface, then wipe away any leftover wax with another clean cloth. SC Johnson® Paste Wax deep-cleans a variety of surfaces. How to improve on the effectiveness of wax and silicone earplugs? Because wax and silicone earplugs only seal the ear entrance, they exhibit a much larger occlusion effect than foam earplugs. As you can see, in particular at frequencies below 2000 Hz, foam earplugs reduce noise a lot better. With shallow insertion, foam earplugs’ low…

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