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They don’t want to break the paper lock, but they want to open it. Since the heels are visible in this length of the gown, I did not want to choose a pair of bridal heels that would be overpowering so the focus is on our bride and her epic gown. The strong student’s are surviving but the weak ones are repeating their years. We, at Aisle Hire It Limited, have a genuine love for history and so we have wanted to style a Marie Antoinette bridal shoot for years. Here, Ellis Walby, director of Aisle Hire It Limited, talks through the ideas and intricacies behind the shoot. Elegantly enchanting and captivatingly colourful, this Marie Antoinette-themed bridal shoot, organised by prop hire and venue styling company Aisle Hire It Limited, is jam-packed with inspiration to make your big day even more memorable. The fine feathers symbol meaning reminds you to…

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